BIO - C1P-369 Collection: Vibrant Quantum Pop Art Celebrating the Graduation of a Soul

 “We are all one interconnected atom the more you give the more you evolve and raise the frequency of the universe” - Z HOVAK.

Cyber hugs. You can call me Z. I'm a Quantum pop artist. C1P is the spirit of my dog, who I met in meditation after his transition to the next dimension. AKA copper going to doggy heaven. My work is bridging the quantum world and the pop art world in a bright colorful way by utilizing augmented reality, NFC & NFT blockchain technology to all my work. Murals, merch, physical art and sculptures. My passion is art, my purpose is to be the voice for animals


Personal Bio:

As a child, my most vivid memory was on my 6th birthday when my mom let me paint one wall in our house. That's when I discovered my passion for art and my imagination took off. I was able to see the world in color, shapes, and textures and life was perfect. I had ballet and art classes in the afternoons and a red dachshund puppy by my side. But then war broke out in my country and my family had to flee to a refugee camp in Spain. In the camp, I had to focus on survival and my creative mind was suppressed. But eventually, I was able to make friends from all over the world and my imagination was reignited. Today, I am a successful artist and my art is influenced by my experiences as a refugee and my love for color, shapes, and textures.

Growing up in different countries exposed me to a diverse range of cultures, from the gypsies in Spain to the vibrant turbans in the Middle East and the punk scene on Melrose Avenue. This awakening deepened my connection to the collective consciousness and gave me a bright perspective on life. I am grateful for this journey and the pain that has shaped my DNA. As an artist, I am chosen to transfer creative energy from the divine and bring it into the physical world. My art degree may have disappointed my immigrant parents, but it is in my soul and my veins. I see the world as a neon playground and invite others to shift their perspective and join me in this vibrant world of art.

As a quantum pop artist, I use bright colors and fun, quantum-inspired shapes to heal and uplift the viewer. My obsession with mathematics and quantum physics can be seen in the use of numbers like 33 and 369, which hold special significance to me. Through my art, I aim to bring the frequency of love and positivity to the observer. My passion for art is matched only by my purpose as a voice for animals, and I strive to bring joy and dance to the hearts and souls of all those who experience my work.

My first piece with C1P, also known as Copper, was a gift to my beloved dog as a way to thank him for teaching me and inspiring me for 9 years. This piece marks the last photo we took together, and I feel incredibly grateful for the timing of it all. Through my art, I will continue Copper's legacy and use it as a platform to give back to animal charities and causes. (In the photo, Copper is on the right and his brother, Harley, is on the left. Harley is now my everyday muse and studio partner.)