C1P-369 collection is a celebration of the graduation of a soul earth life to a higher dimension. C1P is the spirit of my dog Copper who I met in a meditation during a time when my pup was on his way to the next dimension.  C1P-369 , Copper a German shorthaired pointer, communicated telephonically he was here to teach and his souls journey was completed and that there is no such thing as death. The motley quantum foam C1P-369 was born to remind us to be positive, grateful, and live in the moment and LET GO and BELIEVE in the higher plan of our soul contracts. CIP-369 the quantum bubble buby is zen soul with magical vibrations, who is here to bring joy and a bit of party vibes to my motley quantum bubble buby collection.


Personal Bio:

My most vivid childhood memory goes back to my 6th Birthday. The day my mother gave me permission to paint on one wall in our house. This is when I truly discovered my creative mind. My imaginative Pisces brain worked overtime and I started to see everything in color, shapes and textures. Life was just perfect. Afternoon ballet and art classes, a red dachshund puppy on my side, I was truly living in a dream. Just as I was starting to develop my skills, overnight my family was faced with a life or death situation as the country I was living in was in war and a major revolution. In just a few weeks we found ourselves in a refugee camp in Spain on a religious asylum. My creative brain switched to fear and survival mode. Life in camp was not easy. It’s everything you see and hear. The absolute bottom of the barrel. No control over your own life or dignity. But shortly after life in camp was normalized, my mind was triggered with boundless ideas, as I started to develop friendships with kids from all over the world. 

Growing up in different countries. Being exposed to such diversity, the gypsies in Spain, vibrantly colored turbans in the Middle East, and the wild punks on Melrose Avenue. Awakened my soul and deepened my connection to the collective consciousness . And made me have the most bright perspective on life. I am grateful and lucky to have had this journey. My blueprint was designed just perfectly. I cherish the marks the pain made on my DNA. We all have the choice to shift our perspective and see life as we please. Why not see the world as a neon playground. Being an artist is not something you choose. You are chosen from the divine to transfer the creative energy from the either. It’s in my soul. In my veins. So much to my immigrant parents disappointment I naturally ended up with a design and Art degree.

I call myself a quantum pop artist. Bright colors. Fun quantum shapes that heal the pain in your heart from your third eye view. You can see my obsession with mathematics and quantum physics in my pieces. Particularly the mystical power behind the number 33 which is also my life path number. As well as my obsession with the 369 method. These numbers crop up in all of my work. To bring the frequency of love to the observer.   I want my art to make your heart smile, and make your soul dance.  My passion is art and my purpose is to be the voice for animals. 


This is the first piece I created with C1P AKA Copper.  I gifted him a  mini version as my gratitude for his love and inspiration. This was our last photo together, the timing was so divine.  My art will forever continue his legacy while allowing me to continue to give back to all animals charities and causes. ( Copper is the one on the right, and Harley his brother and my second child, who is my everyday muse and current studio partner )